Discover what it takes to be an engineer at the
Walt Disney World® Resort

How many times have you walked around a career fair with a bunch of resumes in your hand and just wished you could be more than a piece of paper? If that is the case, then this exploration is for you.

This event will be a day of exploration around various attractions at the Walt Disney World® Resort. You will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned to real engineering scenarios around the park. Then, you will be put into groups to show not only your technical skills, but also your ability to work well in a team environment.

You will also have a chance to mingle with current engineers and learn about some of the great projects they have worked on. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet numerous hiring managers from within the various engineering departments during our Networking Event.

Participants will be current Disney Cast Members at the Walt Disney World® Resort that are studying applied science, computer science, engineering, or technology. The event will include networking opportunities, a challenge of wits, and a variety of tutorial sessions applying real-life engineering practices.

More about the exploration

The day’s events will be divided into a number of sessions. In the morning, you will go backstage at several of our most popular attractions, where Disney Engineers will show you how we make (and maintain) the magic that our guests experience every day. Following these tours, participants will compete on an individual basis as you put your technical skills to the test. Combining these two segments will show you first hand that the material you are learning in school is practical and instrumental in creating the magic at the Walt Disney World Resort. The information necessary to solve the individual problems will come from fundamental knowledge of math and science, plus your experiences with certain attractions. Participants are encouraged to bring a calculator in order to solve the engineering problems presented.

In the afternoon session of the exploration, you will find yourself working in a group setting on a project that will encompass various areas of engineering (including electrical, structural, controls, civil, industrial, and mechanical). Again, you will be asked technical and business applicable questions, but in this case we want to see how you work as a team member. As part of these group settings, there will be tutorial sessions from engineers pertaining to the projects at hand that need to be solved.

During the afternoon session, we will also host our Networking Event. This is your chance to meet engineers, leaders, and managers from the various engineering divisions at Disney including Design and Engineering, Ride and Show Engineering, Architecture and Facilities Engineering, Facility Asset Management, Engineering Services, Industrial Engineering, Scientific Systems, and many more. Each engineering group will be represented with a table with show-and-tell displays in a “Job Fair” type of environment.

Finally, at the end of the day there will be an award ceremony, where we will recognize those participants who really stood out from the crowd. So be sure to bring your A-game!

Participation Requirements

Current Disney Cast Members that are studying, or recently graduated with a degree in applied science, engineering or technology fields are invited to apply.


Space is limited, and participants are competitively selected, so apply today. You are responsible for letting your area know that you will be participating. Please be sure to arrange your work schedule accordingly.

Participants will receive a packet of information via email to the address on their application which will include directions to the event and check-in procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this considered a competition?
While there won't be a "grand prize", awards will be given for the most correct answers, best teamwork, leadership, etc. It also provides you a venue to showcase your skills.

Can I participate as a member of a team?
For the morning session, all participants must turn in their papers individually in order to be graded. We will set the teams for the afternoon session to ensure distribution of engineering disciplines.

What areas of engineering will attend?
Representatives from the following areas will be there to answer questions about their department*:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Civil/Structural Engineering

*Additional areas may be represented.

What is the attire for the event?
Business casual attire (Disney Look Non-Costumed) will be required for the event. Since we will be walking around the park and entering maintenance areas, please remember to wear comfortable closed-toe shoes. You will be provided with safety glasses that must be worn while in the designated maintenance areas.

Where do I send my resume and contact information?
All information shall be sent through the application form, so please see the "Apply Now" section below for details.

Can I bring reference materials?
All the necessary information will be provided to you on the day of the exploration. Bring a scientific calculator along to help get you through some of the questions.

Will other majors be able to attend the event? I am studying a non-technical major and am interested in a job at Disney.
If you are studying a non-technical major and are interested in a position at Disney, we encourage you to visit to fill out a profile and look for currently available positions. This is also applicable for the Professional Internship opportunities.

Can/should I bring my friends?
Friends and family that are not participating in this event are not permitted to observe the event.

Will I be able to "play in the park" after I am done on Saturday?
Admission into the park is not included in this event.

Will food be provided?
A light lunch will be provided to the participants in the event.

How do I get the time off?
This depends on your area. Discuss the timing of the program with your Leader, Manager, or Scheduler. Be sure to give plenty of time for your request to be processed (generally at least three weeks of notice is required). You are responsible for scheduling your work shifts.

Why should I attend?
There are plenty of reasons to attend if you are serious about a career in engineering at Disney. This event is used to both educate you on the engineering aspects of Disney, but also for you to showcase your skills to the current Engineers and Engineering Hiring Managers that help support this event.

Will I get to interact with current engineers at WDW?
Yes! Lots of them! Come with questions. We will have engineers from the various engineering groups at Disney.

How many people will be selected to participate?
We anticipate inviting 50-60 Cast Members to participate in the event. Participants will be selected based on the strength of their application.

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Next Event: Saturday April 23, 2016
Application Due Date: March 23, 2016

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