Disney’s Ultimate EnginEARing Exploration is a day of exploration around various attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort. This event includes backstage attraction tours, networking opportunities, and a variety of tutorial sessions applying real-life engineering practices.

The day’s events are divided into several sessions. In the morning, participants are guided through backstage tours at several of our most popular attractions. These tours are led by Disney Engineers that will show you how we make (and maintain) the magic that our guests experience every day. Combining these two segments will show you first hand that the material you are learning in school is practical and instrumental in creating the magic at Walt Disney World Resort.

In the afternoon session, you will find yourself working in a group setting on a project that will encompass various areas of engineering (including but not limited to electrical, structural, and mechanical, controls, civil and industrial). You will be asked technical and business applicable questions, but in this case we want to see how you work as a team member. As part of these group settings, there will be tutorial sessions from engineers pertaining to the projects at hand. At the close of the group project, participants are given the rare opportunity to participate in a Q&A session with some of our organization’s executives.

The afternoon continues with our Networking Event. Engineers, leaders and managers from various engineering divisions at Disney including Ride and Show Engineering, Architecture and Facilities Engineering, Facility Asset Management, Engineering Services, Industrial Engineering, Worldwide Safety & Assurance and many more.

The event concludes with our Awards and Recognition where we will recognize those participants who really stood out from the crowd.